HEY, SOUL SISTERS! Welcome to our new adventure! We are two long distance best friends coming together for a purpose. After years of exchanging our crafts, ideas, lifestyle tips, and words of encouragement with each other, we decided to open up our creative souls to everyone. We are on a mission to make the world around us more beautiful by spreading kindness and positivity. Everyone can use a touch of joy in their lives and we are the girls who are willing to provide that. It’s simple, this blog is your place to find everything good for the soul.


We will re-post pages/pictures/products we love and use, as well as write about what we create on our own. We’ve broken down our page into a few categories that we hope will interest you. Here’s a little insight into each:


Creative Soul: This is the spot for all DIY creations, lifestyle ideas, teacher activities, hostess tips, home decor fun, and whatever else pops into our heads.


Soul Food: Food is very important to us! We enjoy eating and will share with you some simple recipes that you can try at home. Balance is the key to a happy life so we will have a mix of clean/healthy and indulgent/not so healthy recipes for all to enjoy. We will also include rave reviews of foods we try in different cities.


Sole Fitness: We are “former” athletes and now coaches with a passion for living an active lifestyle. Here, we will provide a variety of out of the box workouts, healthy living info, and some lacrosse/field hockey coaching plans.


Spread Soul: We encourage you to spread kindness wherever you go. In this section you will find unexpected methods to leave your mark by being kind.


We are so excited to share our ideas and begin spreading kindness. Enjoy!