Spring Has Sprung: 20 Inexpensive Weekend Activities for the Springtime

April 30, 2016 0 Comments

HEY, SOUL SISTERS! Put away those winter coats and break out your best capris because spring is here!! With the arrival of warmer weather, we find ourselves itching to get outside and release the pent up energy that we’ve stored over the long winter months. Even if you’re on a tight budget, don’t get stuck inside watching TV or staring at your phone while a beautiful spring day passes you by! Here, you will find 20 inexpensive activities that you can do by yourself, as a couple, or with your friends and family on any spring weekend:


  1. Hiking: Whether you live in the mountains or in a busy city, there are always places nearby to lace up your sneakers and get walking! In the U.S. alone, there are over 25,000 preserved/protected areas that are perfect for hiking and getting in touch with nature. Nothing better for the soul than to get outside and hoof it as much as you can!
  2. walk-on-the-beachBeach Trip: Looking for something to do? Get in the car and road trip to the beach! Depending on where you live, a drive to the beach can be a one day excursion, a weekend vacation or even as simple as watching the sunrise in the morning. No matter the time, make sure to bring along a thermos of your favorite concoction (coffee, water, or margarita), and soak in some vitamin D!
  3. Minor League Baseball Game: If you are willing to pay full price to go see your favorite major league baseball team play at home, then go for it! But if you’re looking for a spur of the moment weekend activity that doesn’t break the bank, then a minor league baseball game is your best bet! The stadiums are fun and entertaining with the same high energy and excitement as the majors! Bonus points: Often times the minors have game day giveaways so you won’t leave empty handed!
  4. Bike Ride: One of my favorite outdoor activities is simply going on a long bike ride. Ride around your neighborhood or take the bikes to a park path nearby! Either way, get up and get pedaling!
  5. Joyride: If biking isn’t for you, then hop in the car, turn on some tunes, roll down the windows and go for a drive! No need to have a destination, just hit the highway and go! If you are feeling really wild, you can even go as far as renting a convertible from Hotwire.com and put the top down while you drive to the shore! Regardless of how adventurous you are feeling, clearing your head with the windows down on an open road could be the perfect activity for a relaxing weekend.
  6. 12446320_1565179803780767_324310428_n(1)Kayaking/Paddle Boarding: If the weather is warm enough in your area, get out and hit the water! Both kayaking and paddle boarding are fun activities that the whole family can enjoy, while getting in a good workout! The average cost to rent a kayak or paddle board is around $20 per hour or about $50-$60 for the day! Herbs
  7. Start a Garden: Spring is such a pretty time of year with the growth of plants and the blooming of colorful flowers. Beautify your property by starting your own garden! Go to your local nursery for help in starting this process to get some ideas on what to grow and when to grow it. A garden can be a great space to grow some of your favorite vegetables that can spice up any dinner recipe too. If you are living in an apartment and have no outdoor space of your own, then try making an indoor garden to grow smaller potted plants and veggies.
  8. Workout: If you have nothing to do on the weekends, think about spending some time on bettering yourself through physical fitness. Going to the gym by yourself or as a couple can be a fun way to relieve stress and feel great. If the gym isn’t for you, go outside for a jog, walk, or bike. Just getting yourself up and moving can drastically improve your mood and increase your energy.
  9. Meditate: Our weekdays are very busy and sometimes very stressful. Putting aside some time on the weekends to be mindful of our breathing can be very beneficial to our bodies and overall health. Mindfulness can be a great tool to use in your everyday life and there are many great websites that can help aid you on your path to stress-free living. To help get you started, click here for our quick guide to mindfulness.
  10. Estate Sales: An estate sale or estate liquidation is a sale to dispose of a substantial portion of materials owned by a person who has recently deceased or who must dispose of their property to facilitate a move. Many times, these sales are operated by an outside company where they open the doors to the public to come in and purchase items. Estate sales are fun to go through and look at the different items, bargain down prices, and sometimes hear fascinating stories about the homeowner in their earlier years. If you like to refurbish furniture, estate sales are the place for you. You can get great deals on old solid furniture pieces, that just need a little TLC to bring them back to life!
  11. Bowling: Bowling is the perfect activity to meet up with friends and have some friendly competition. Rent some goofy shoes, get a big pitcher of beer, post up on a lane or two and then you’re officially set with all the fixings to have a laid back and fun evening. (Don’t forget to bring socks!)
  12. kiteFly a Kite: A simple activity, but surprisingly fun! The breezier the better!
  13. Town Festivals: With warmer weather comes more town festivals! These festivals usually range in theme, time, and size, but are typically made up of the same things: food, drinks, & entertainment. Many times rides are provided for kids, and lots of pop up shops for the adults. Check your neighborhood Facebook page or Google search to see if there are any small town festivals in a town near you!
  14. Movie Date: April showers bring May flowers, so you are bound to get a rainy weekend sometime this spring. When this happens, don’t fret! Instead, turn it into a classic date night with dinner and a movie! End your date with a nightcap at your local bar or a cup of coffee at your favorite cafe to chat about the movie you just saw. Having a movie night is a great and relaxing way to spend time with your loved one. For other rainy day ideas click here.
  15. Go Fishing: Fishing is a fun and relaxing activity to do with friends or as a couple at your nearest watering hole. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try getting a group of friends together and charter a boat! If you rally enough people together, this can be an inexpensive fishing outing and also a TON of fun!
  16. Host a Game Night: Make some fun cocktails, call up the gang and play some games!
  17. picnicHave a Picnic: Pack up some grub, hop in the car and have lunch in the sun! Drive to the beach or go to the park to change your surroundings even if it’s just for an hour or two. Make sure to pack for your picnic in a traditional picnic basket to get the authentic experience. (They also make for amazing gifts for upcoming birthdays or mother’s day). If interested, PicnicWorld.com and Amazon are only two of the many website that sell adorable picnic baskets.
  18. BBQ: Go to the supermarket, pick up burgers, beers, and the fixings for a big salad and you are good to go for a backyard BBQ. A fun and relaxing way to kick back with friends and enjoy some good food. What’s better than that?
  19. Wine Tasting: Drive out to the nearest vineyard and have a quiet Saturday as you taste various local wines. Not near a vineyard? There are tons of other wine tasting spots and wine glassespackages not associated with a specific vineyard. If you’re feeling adventurous, search on Groupon for different deals on wine tour packages. There are several different packages to choose from, ranging from bike and jeep tours to trolley and kayaking tours! All tours typically include wine tasting from different vineyards, lunch, and transportation.
  20. Get Inspired: Are you an artist but never have the time to paint? Have you always wanted to take a class in wood work but never could spare the time to do it? Well here is your chance to go out and do the things you always wanted to do. Don’t go through life thinking “what if”, go out and do it for yourself. Take a class, try new things, and make a positive impact on your life!

Have fun in the sun!!



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