Simple Ramekin Remix

March 20, 2016 0 Comments

HEY, SOUL SISTERS! I stopped by to see my parents the other day and my mom had just finished purging the basement closet. She was about to throw away these old IMG_2231ramekins until I spotted them on the kitchen table and asked if I could have them. I’m sure she was thinking, “Why would you want those hideous things?!” She knows that old school strawberry vines, butterflies, and fancy flowers are not particularly “my thing.” And well, she’s right. Although I’m not a fan of the elaborate artwork that adorns these little serving dishes, I am a big fan of the shape and size. With a couple healthy coats of white spray paint and clear finishing spray, I have myself a crisp and simple ramekin remix. Can’t wait to toss some almonds in these bad boys and enjoy!IMG_2236